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Creamy caramel dessert "Aruba", 80g

  • Product Code: 5146
  • Availability:


  • 1.49€

Caramel sauce is included in the package
Ingredients: sugar, hardener (keragen) colorants (curcumin, paprika), flavorings (identical flavors (caramel, vanilla)), corn starch, Salt, silicon dioxide.

Sauce - glucose syrup, Caramelized sugar.
Preparation: pour the caramel sauce into 4 small bowls, Boil 500ml of milk in a saucepan, after boiling a little milk, Pour the contents of the packet and stir constantly until all the powder is dissolved.
After the powder has dissolved and the milk has boiled, slowly pour the entire mass In the containers where you put the caramel sauce. Place all containers carefully In the refrigerator, when it hardens, you can serve the dessert upside down on a plate.

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